He’s a nice guy, he just hit his head. You’d probably be as mad as he was.


A truly incredible story and an imperative cause, Jay shared with me his battle against mental health.


Angry mobs, an old barn and a rustic feel. What more could you want?


Hugh had one of the most impressive collections I’ve ever seen. Shame about the team, though. (City fan)


A five-part mini-series showcasing the elements that come together to make the beautiful Spa at Ye Olde Bell.


Capturing a weekend of fun, sun, music and drinking was just as enjoyable as the end product looks.


My first music video. Silhouettes + projection = lotsa fun.


Trapped. In a box. Two storylines intertwine like a double helix. (You’ll see what I mean, hopefully)


My startling directorial debut. When Richard finds his wife and daughter dead, he takes revenge into his own hands.


My first ever documentary. Aaaaand it’s about books. It’s also about passion, entrepreneurship and hard work.